Tecnoglass is a leading manufacturer company of architectural glass for the global commercial and residential construction industries. As the #1 architectural glass transformation company in America and the second largest glass fabricator for the United States, since 1994 we strive to constantly improve our glass’ optical quality, its resistance and durability. We offer a wide variety of products such as tempered and heat strengthened, laminated, insulated, insulating laminated, low emissivity, curved and jumbo size glass. Our constant pursue in investing in new technologies has allowed us to offer innovative products and respond efficiently to the market demand. Operating out of a 2.7 million square foot vertically‐integrated, state‐of‐the‐art manufacturing complex allow us to provide a single source responsibility and an easy access to the Americas, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.



Avenida Circunvalar a 100 Metros de la Vía 40
Barranquilla, Atlántico 080001
United States

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