We believe in materials that reflect tradition, texture, scale, purpose and place, not just simple beauty. What matters to us is a project’s relationship to its surrounding, offering something tangible and meaningful that transcends simple embellishments. Our custom metal panels bridge the gap between accessibility, beauty, and relevance. Plus, our superior FEVE Lumiflon ® resin outperforms the competition, allowing each finish to maintain its gloss and color. Pure is not just part of our name, it’s part of our legacy. Our core product line is aluminum, one of the most sustainable and green friendly materials available on the market. We use a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled aluminum in our metal walls and panels, which are all 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle. We’re committed to following the most forward thinking and trusted standards in the industry, such as VOC Free, Red List Free, HPD, LEED, and our flat sheets participate in the mindful MATERIALS library. Our studio works closely with each project’s design team to produce site-specific finishes and systems for metal cladding applications. Through our custom metal cladding products, our vision is to create destinations recognized globally for their inspiring, contextual, purposeful designs.



3050 Echo Lake Ave, Suite 300
Mahtomedi, Minnesota 55115
United States

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