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Halio North America is the exclusive provider of Halio™ smart-tinting glass, the world’s most advanced natural light management system. Featuring next-generation electrochromic technology, Halio is so fast that it delivers immediate relief from heat and glare. Halio windows can automatically respond to changing light conditions caused by obstructions, passing clouds, and more. Intuitive manual controls are also available to allow occupants to adjust tint levels to meet personal preferences. Halio’s tinting speed, uniform tinting, and sophisticated hardware and software controls, occupants experience relief from too much sun within seconds – no waiting and wondering if the windows will tint. Halio windows switch uniformly and allow an unlimited number of tint level options, so you get the perfect amount of daylight every time. Halio windows look like natural glass in their clear states, and they tint to elegant, neutral cool grays. Without the yellow or blue that’s inherent in older electrochromic products, Halio has a color rendering index of 90+, so colors appear natural. Halio smart-tinting glass can also be used for interior wall applications. Halio is the only electrochromic glass that is responsive enough, fast enough, and aesthetically pleasing enough to work with classic modern interiors and provides privacy when needed.

Halio Smart-Tinting Glass - For Windows, Walls, & Skylights



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