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EJOT LP is a US-based company located in Wixom, MI, with headquarters in Germany, dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high-quality fasteners and anchors for the construction industry. As an industry leader, through 34 subsidiaries, EJOT is working worldwide with manufacturers, distributors, installers and general contractors in the fields of industrial lightweight construction, rainscreen, curtain wall, EIFS, flat roofing, windows and solar installations. EJOT is the first company to obtain an ICC-ES report for its bi-metal self-drilling fastener range. For the EIFS industry, EJOT offers a solution for reduced thermal bridging through its innovative STR concept that allows for recessed fastening within the insulation boards. For the rainscreen industry, EJOT is offering stainless steel 300 series fasteners for bracket-to-wall, girt-to-bracket and panel-to-girt applications, as well as its new thermally enhanced CROSSFIX rainscreen bracket system that allows for horizontal and vertical façade design. EJOT’s products are compatible with most OEM façade substructure systems and façade panels and deliver highest quality, best performance, and overall cost savings per project. Through EPDs EJOT’s products allow to qualify for LEED certification. EJOT’s engineers work closely together with their customers to provide efficient solutions for even the most challenging façade projects.

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Wixom, Michigan 48393
United States

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